Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management is a subspecialty of Anesthesiology. Interventional Pain Management treatments can help in up to 90% cases of acute or chronic back and neck pain as well as joint pain, where physiotherapy and anti-inflammatory medications alone failed. Patients stop being dependent on the medications. They regain their ability to function normally in life and have a good pain free nigh sleep. In most cases Dr. Zonshayn can avoid you having major back or neck surgery. He specializes in:

- Injection and blocks therapy

- Minimally invasive procedures for cervical, thoracic, and lumber radiculopathy

- Sciatica

- Disc herniation

- Disc degeneration

- Spinal stenosis

- Failed back syndrome

- Joint pain

Spinal procedures are performed under X-ray (C-ARM) guidance for precise localization and added safety. The anti-inflammatory medication used in the injections can reduce the inflammation and swelling caused by spinal conditions thus giving relief from neck, back and radiating arm or leg pain. Joint injections for knee, hip, shoulder, elbow pain are performed under ultrasound guidance and allow for precise diagnosis and needle localization at the time of the procedure. All procedures are safely performed in the Pain Clinic. Patients have to stay only for 15-30 minutes in the Clinic after the procedure. The procedures normally are not painful; you might just feel some discomfort. They last a few minutes and if necessary may be performed under sedation.

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